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Physical Therapy

chiropracticPhysical Therapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. Rehabilitation exercises includes linking office and home care with prescribed exercises reduces recovery time and costs while strengthening the body to avoid repeated issues.

Types of physical therapy include:

Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is a hands-on approach which our therapists generally use common methods such as stretching, massage and hands-on strengthening exercises to reeducate the body into proper movement and mechanics.

Heat is often used for injuries such as muscular spasms and tightness. By applying heat, it has been shown to decrease pain and increase mobility after some injuries mainly those involving soft tissue like tendons, muscles and ligaments. By making the tissue more flexible, our therapists can better stretch the affected area.

This is the best for any injury to stay healthy after treatment and is most often the go-to strategy to treat and prevent pain. These exercises are hand-picked to help patients move better by strengthening targeted muscles and addressing any muscular imbalances that may exist.